We have a real knack for finding one-of-a kind talent (magnetic-strategic- eclectic)
with a genuine passion to keep Montreal in perpetual transformation. Discover your Yulistars.

Stéphane Martel
Founder and CEO

World-stager. Natural relationship builder. Diplomat.
Enriching our business community with the dynamics of international players is a satisfying treat.
Just like a tasty griot and ti-punch on the Agrikol terrace.

Olivier Offman
Partner & COO

Challenge driven. Opportunity finder. Problem solver.
Creativity is a contact sport. I make sure that Montreal excels at both ends of the rink.
Something I love sharing with my Peewee triple-A team.

Amélie Desrochers
Director of Strategic Development

Visionary. Listener. On the beat.
Gaining greater momentum as an innovative events’ organiser. Enjoying the musical swings – while watching mesmerizing wall projections at the Place des Festivals.

Charlotte Mossa
Project Manager, Events and Communications

Doer. Kickstarter. Adventurer.
Putting YULISM on the digital map, making it an indispensable blog-reference for international
business travel. Finding inspiration in the Plateau’s alleyways and its street art.

Claudia Loutfi
Digital strategist

Eclectic. Open-minded. Curious.
Montreal is a like an assorted box of chocolates to be savoured. Delightfully eclectic, a happy surprise whatever you pick. Like the Dead Obies and the mountain’s shadow at dusk. Sweet!

Elisabeth Michel
Project Manager

Sharp. Commited. MacGyver.
Contributing creatively to make Montreal’s unique culture, quality of life and cutting-edge industry shine, everywhere. Strolling at Jean-Talon market… improvising a friendly picnic nearby.

Jane Gibb
Project manager

Sleuth. Explorer. Wordsmith.
Montreal is my cup of tea, I do the groundwork so you don’t have to. I lead you to the people you’ll want to meet and the places where you’ll want to be. Yulism is a state of mind… to embrace.

Larisa Chicos
Project manager

Energetic. Stimulating. Go-getter
Injecting authenticity and passion into each and every Yulism project. Officially inaugurating her favorite most “feng shui” Montreal terraces… as early as mid-april.

All of our team