We have a real knack for finding one-of-a kind talent (magnetic-strategic- eclectic)
with a genuine passion to keep Montreal in perpetual transformation. Discover your Yulistars.

Stéphane Martel
Founder & CEO

Igniter. Pathfinder. Go-getter.
Infusing the YULISM passion into everything, in Montreal as well as internationally. I aspire to create meaningful connections between people and ideas, within THAT transformative event – the ONE we will all want to repeat and relive to the fullest.
As much as I love spotting hidden talents, always on the lookout for THAT speakeasy, as perfect as my mezcal cocktail.

Olivier Offman
Partner & COO

Challenge driven. Opportunity finder. Problem solver.
Creativity is a contact sport. I make sure that Montreal excels at both ends of the rink.
Something I love sharing with my Peewee triple-A team.

Élisabeth Michel
Project & Culture Director

Curious. Studious. Ingenious.
Enriching each project with a clear and strong point of view, I am the one who relentlessly questions the “why” of each of our initiatives, making sure we find the answers from A to Z. I make culture rhyme with structure.
I love the excitement of the job, diving into all its challenges. Never without an invigorating “nature bath” to reboot.

Pierre Noïnski
Project Director

Discrete. Discerning. Disciplined.
An enterprising concierge-producer, I see to all the tactical details happening smoothly, delivering the client’s bigger strategy. With a 360° vision, I strive to enrich all relationships; to make myself YUSFUL.
Discovering Montreal’s very characteristic alleyways, or atop of Mont-Royal, admiring the everchanging cityscape.

Maud Lévy
Project Manager

Surprising. Sparkling. Starter.
Asking mind-opening questions, provoking surprising but welcomed encounters, I make sure everyone joins the dance. Literally and figuratively, on the beat, striving to make our happenings unbeatable.
Stamina is my middle name. I love long rallies and covering all angles, on a tennis court too 🙂