We have a real knack for finding one-of-a kind talent (magnetic-strategic- eclectic)
with a genuine passion to keep Montreal in perpetual transformation. Discover your Yulistars.

Stéphane Martel
Founder & CEO

Igniter. Pathfinder. Go-getter.
Infusing the YULISM passion into everything, in Montreal as well as internationally. I aspire to create meaningful connections between people and ideas, within THAT transformative event – the ONE we will all want to repeat and relive to the fullest.
As much as I love spotting hidden talents, always on the lookout for THAT speakeasy, as perfect as my mezcal cocktail.

Olivier Offman
Partner & COO

Challenge driven. Opportunity finder. Problem solver.
Creativity is a contact sport. I make sure that Montreal excels at both ends of the rink.
Something I love sharing with my Peewee triple-A team.

Maud Lévy
Project Manager

Surprising. Sparkling. Starter.
Asking mind-opening questions, provoking surprising but welcomed encounters, I make sure everyone joins the dance. Literally and figuratively, on the beat, striving to make our happenings unbeatable.
Stamina is my middle name. I love long rallies and covering all angles, on a tennis court too 🙂

Marie Charra
Project Manager

Multipotential. Multidisciplinary. Multitasking.
I am committed to putting people at the center of events, allowing for playful exchanges and moments of transmission, and instilling passion and authenticity to enrich the client experience. With my head in bold ideation and my hands in conscientious operationalization, I am versatile.
I can’t say no to chocolate, Sunday brunches and a board game with friends. As a proud Montreal ambassador, I’m never short on Montreal anecdotes and tips.

Rodrigo Barral-Guerin
Project Coordinator / Manager

Versatile. Experienced strategist. Dribbler.
A smiling client is a successful event. Anxious to respond to the WHY of the events, I like to propose new ideas and be in solution mode. Sporty and passionate about soccer, I enjoy juggling different projects and even more when they are related to sports and in Montreal, I am served!

Nina Faget
Project Coordinator

Epicurean. Hyperactive. Passionate.
What turns me on: indulging myself into culture, colliding with others, caring about details.
What inspires me: listening to and helping our clients understand the essence of their missions for significant impacts on every stakeholder during our events.
What turns me off: neither snow, nor rain, nor cold… Nor Montreal, which I love!