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We exist to spark meaningful human collisions.

We are there for those seeking to go a little bit further with their travel. We cater to intravelers, urban, sophisticated, curious, and uber business travelers who « have seen it all » and are now looking for one-off destinations and authentic experiences.


We turn business travelers into insiders.

We believe that business travel should be a personalized, authentic and memorable journey.

We believe that Montreal is the perfect playground to ignite a new breed of richer and deeper relationships between business travelers and local innovators, let us be your guides.

We believe that business travel is about making relevant human encounters and connections with in-the-known insiders.


We work at the intersection of three core competencies –often complementary to each other. From on-off interventions, requiring various degrees of deployment, to business intelligence and ongoing consultancy.


We have a real knack for finding one-of-a kind talent (magnetic-strategic- eclectic) with a genuine passion to keep Montreal in perpetual transformation. Discover your Yulistars.


45° 30′ 17″ NORTH 73° 33′ 25″ WEST.

From Montreal skyscrapers to its alleyways, from its rooftops to underground Montreal… A multifaceted gem of a city, from the hidden to the dazzlingly obvious. We are everywhere we need to be, whether on a mission or on the lookout for promising new encounters, places and happenings. We could very well collide stepping in PVM’s (Place Ville Marie) elevator 32, or while jogging by the Lachine Canal.

Our offices are right in the heart of downtown Montreal at the MT Lab.
141 ave Président Kennedy, 7e étage, local SB-7250, Casier #18, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y4

Until they come up with an app for our whereabouts, find us here: