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Get Mtl,
Savor Mtl,
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We exist to spark meaningful human collisions.

We are there for those seeking to travel within their travel. We cater to intravelers, urban, sophisticated, curious, and uber business travelers who « have seen it all » and are now looking for one-off destinations and authentic experiences.


We turn business travelers into insiders.

We believe that business travel
should be a personalized,
and memorable

We believe that Montreal is the
perfect playground to ignite a
new breed of richer and deeper
between business
travelers and local innovators.

We believe that business travel
is about making relevant human
and connections
with in-the-known insiders.


Montreal’s finest times the – ISM.

Intelligence. Sensibility. Momentum.

For every single mission we undertake at YULISM, we bring a subtle mix of these three critical values to the equation. Smartly, systematically. Whether it is about business development and networking explorations, learning expeditions, team building or offsite immersion. We connect like-minded groups to the local intelligentsia and talent community to tap into Montreal’s commercial and creative effervescence… in uncharted ways.

Also, we help business convention and events organizers open-up and bonify client reception and overall experience, setting up one-off sharing and networking activities with our business, knowledge and talent economies. Montreal’s true DNA.

Beyond tourist circuits, personalized insider journeys.

We make business travel INDIVIDYULTM.



YULISM is the seasoned duo of Stéphane Martel and Olivier Offman, around whom a constellation of handpicked talent gravitates. For the past three years, the two business partners have been dedicated to the development of C2 Montreal (International conference on commerce + creativity), demonstrating their devotion to detail in tailored programs that made for a participant experience like no other. The former within business development and membership growth; the latter in sales and B2B operations. 35 years’ of combined expertise.

Olivier Offman

Olivier Offman

A true serial-organizer, Olivier derives pleasure from understanding his clients’ business conundrums and then generating solutions by making the perfect connections in tailor-made networking events. Prior to C2, Olivier had the opportunity to work at the heart of international events such as the 1998 FIFA WORLD CUP and RENDEZ-VOUS EN FRANCE, the professional trade travel market (hosting 20 000 business meetings in 3 days).

Stéphane Martel

Stéphane Martel

A great agitator within Montreal’s creative circles, Stéphane initiates unexpected encounters, creates one-off experiences, unearths and generously shares Montréal’s hidden gems. Before founding YULISM, and before his duty at C2 MONTREAL, he was a vice-president and partner at ROBICHAUD CONSEIL (PWC), a strategic consulting firm where he drove and managed more than a hundred transformation projects.